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Victory Day


The festive procession with military orchestra traditionally starts at 7.30a.m on the 9th of May from the Kronshtadt Administration to the Winter Pier. Military men, head and representatives of Kronshtadt administration, veterans, schoolchildren, cadets, the Naval Plant workers and ordinary people participate in this parade. On the way all these people stop several times at such places as the memorial to deceased submariners, the memorial sign to the hero of Soviet Union A. Marinesko, the monument to the founder of Kronshtadt - Peter the Great. Wreaths and flowers are laid to every memorial. 

This procession is leaded by veterans of the Great Patriotic War in open military cars. Afterwards all participants head for the town cemetery to the Brotherly burial place of perished.

Then people also lay flowers and wreaths on another military burial place - on the Lutheran cemetery - as well as on the monument to submariners and submarine cabin "Komsomolets Kazakhstana".

Senior priest of Vladimir Cathedral Svjatoslav Melnik conducts a short commemorative praying in memory of the perished.  Schoolchildren and art groups of Kronshtadt perform on the  scene. To honor the perished in the war people triple blizzard and a moment of silence are arranged.


Holiday concert is held in the evening on a big scene on Anchor square and a traditional firework takes place at the end of the celebration.