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Сast Iron Paving


Chief of Steamship plant A.Sokolov during his stay in the USA got interested in cast iron paving made in New-York and Boston according to the engineer Knapp. Trial cast product made to pattern from America brought by Sokolov was made in the Steamship plant and part of a yard was paved. After viewing the paved yard in 1860 the great duke Konstantin ordered to pave one of the streets with heavy traffic as an experiment. The cast iron blocks perfectly beard an extreme winter 1860-1861 on the section of 160m at Penkov bridge.

More paving was made in 1862 and served more than 100 years. Sections of cast iron paving were reconstructed in 1974-1975 along Anchors square and in the part of Oktiabrskaya street and became one of the town sights.